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What is Conjunctivitis?

You may not think of conjunctivitis as an ocular disease in Austin, TX, but it is categorized as such. Often referred to as “pink eye,” conjunctivitis is quite common, affecting over 3 million people annually. Defined as an irritation or inflammation of the white part of the eyeball, known as the conjunctiva, it is characterized by […]

Why is Conjunctivitis So Contagious?  

If you or your loved one has ever had conjunctivitis, you’ve probably been warned by your eye doctor to be careful about spreading it to someone else. But just why is conjunctivitis so contagious? How can something that only affects your eyes be transmitted to someone else? The answer lies in how humans tend to […]

Clearing the Fog About Glaucoma with Real Facts

Glaucoma is one of those eye health conditions that get a lot of attention, but it is also highly misunderstood. Take a look at some of the myths associated with glaucoma. Myth: Glaucoma blindness is not a preventable result of the disease. While glaucoma itself may not always be preventable, you can control some of […]