Is It Safe to Drive If You Have Low Vision?

One of the understandable questions that people often ask when they find out if they have low vision is whether they can still drive. This is a good question to ask, and it’s one that you should be considered when you find out that you have a vision impairment.

If you have low vision or live with someone who has low vision, this is something you should discuss with your eye doctor. Having this conversation with your eye doctor can help you determine whether you are safe behind the wheel.

Can You Drive In Texas If You Have Low Vision?

According to, the state of Texas requires that you must have 20/40 vision or better in both eyes. If you have 20/50 vision with your best eye or both eyes together, you will need to have a note from an eye specialist that indicates that your vision is unable to be improved or repaired.

If your vision is worse than described above, you will face driving restrictions. If you wear corrective lenses, wear them to your driving test.

How Can You Make Driving Safer?

Whether you have a full driver license or a restricted driver license, you can make driving safer by doing the following:

  • See your eye doctor as often as your eye doctor recommends.
  • Always wear your corrective lenses or eyewear when driving.
  • Avoid driving in low light conditions. Have someone else drive, or schedule your appointments to ensure you’ll be home before it gets dark.
  • Always follow traffic laws, and brush up on traffic laws regularly.

Want to Know If You Have Good Vision For Driving? Make An Appointment

At Northwest Hills Eye Care we’re happy to help you measure your visual acuity and get your corrective eyewear if it’s needed. To make an appointment for an eye exam, call today.

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